ProLiteracy: U.S. Adult Literacy Facts

Proliteracy is an adult literacy and basic education membership organization that has a dedicated mission to help adults all over world become empowered, educated, and connected to others through literacy.  The organization seeks to change lives and help adults break the cycle of poverty through education.  This organization seeks to connect adults to each other by encouraging adults who are literate to advocate on behalf of other adults and volunteer to help other adults learn how to read.  The literacy skills of adults in our country greatly impacts the quality of life of our children because 72% of the children of adults who struggle with literacy will have the same struggles that their parents do.  Literacy of children and adults is not a personal problem for individuals in our country, it is a national crisis.

Proliteracy’s Vision

Some important facts from Proliteracy’s resource guide:

  • 43% of adults with the lowest literacy level below the line of poverty in the United States
  • Every year, one in six young adults drops out of high school
  • 75% of state prison inmates have not completed high school or are classified as low literate.

As educators of young learners, I wonder how we can help parents who may not be able to read, write, or comprehend information that our schools provide for them.  While this is a sensitive topic, it is important for schools, teachers, and family advocates understand how to create a dialog and assist parents or caregivers who are not literate with the right resources to help these adults support and provide the educational tools necessary for their children.  In the comments below, let’s discuss ways we can advocate for the literacy and education of parents of our students.

  • What resources can we provide for parents who need literacy support?
  • How do we start a conversation about adult literacy with parents?
  • How can we accommodate the needs of parents who require additional literacy support?

I am looking forward to interacting here in this important conversation.