Diversity Resources

We Need Diverse Books

“Imagine a world in which all children can see themselves in the pages of a book.”  This is the tagline on WeNeedDiverseBooks.org.  This website provides teachers, writers, and caretakers with the resources they need to create a more diverse library for all of our readers.  The website offers a variety of resources from a blog highlighting their press releases to a page that sends site-users directly to websites where they can purchase diverse books or read book reviews.  The site also has information about how anyone can get involved in their diverse books movement and information about different programs that they offer. 

This website is important in advocating for more diverse literature for children because it offers countless resources.  One of the most distinct features is their page dedicated to helping prospective authors write more diversity inclusive books for children.  Their page that provides information about where to find diverse books is categorized by different types of diverse books such as African American, Native American, and (dis)abilities.  This is helpful for those who want to expand their library and look for books that come highly recommended from experts in specific areas of social justice and diversity.

  • Which resources do you find most helpful for your own classroom library?
  • How can you use the resources for writers page in your classroom?
  • Why are these resources important?